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Biddy Moore - 20 Apr 2020
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Steven Santos - 25 Mar 2011
your work is lush, luminous and fluid. very appealing website how are you and how is the west coast? where are you living now? do you have skype? if you do, my skype name is nuryvr xxoo nury
nury Vicens - 24 Jun 2010
Your website is beautiful, Joan! I love the simplicity of your presentation and the joyful spirit of your paintings.
Kathy Dickey - 7 May 2010
Joany, You have made Great Space! It's a pleasure to visit these paintings.
MIdge Black - 5 May 2010
Your updated website is wonderful. Great job!
David Lorenz Winston - 26 Apr 2010
I love all your paintings Joan, but I'm partial to the window views.
Robin Moore - 12 Mar 2010
Wonderful work
Sue Granger - 10 Jan 2009
Joan, thank you for creating this site so we can enjoy seeing your work and sharing it with others. I have the 'scape I bought years ago on my dresser and lose myself in it for a few minutes everyday! Your work is inviting and timeless.
Leslie - 9 Jan 2009
Joan, this is wonderful, uplifting and leaves me wanting to see more! Great site! Thanks
Sugar Mejia - 30 Jul 2008
Your work is inspiring. Takes me away... takes my breath away. Beautiful work, divinely created. Thank you for sharing your gift.
Jacqueléne Ambrose - 21 Jul 2008
Joan, I love your web site. It is wonderful. I especially enjoyed the doorways and windows painting. I love the landscapes, too...and the Klamath River scene. This is really snazzy. Cathy
Cathy Goray - 15 Jul 2008
A place to be - the scenery is moving and beautiful. Thanks for getting this out. More please....
Nancy Segelstein - 13 Jul 2008
I love them all! E.
Ellen Franklin - 12 Jul 2008
great website !
Martha Abshear - 11 Jul 2008
Joany, I love your new website and all your beautiful paintings, new and old!
Shoshanah Dubiner - 9 Jul 2008
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